SAN SHING FASTECH CORP 』 was originally named " SAN SHING HARDWARE WORKS CO., LTD ". The company was established in 1965 and is now the largest professional manufacturer of steel nuts worldwide.

In 1968, "SAN SHING FASTECH CORP." was ahead of other companies in the same industry in completing the development of the "High speed nut forming machine", which enables the consequent production of nuts, earning Taiwan the name "Kingdom of nuts and bolts". With continuous innovation and improved technology over the years, San Shing now possesses tens of technology patents around the world.

During recent years, San Shing has transformed its products to higher levels of technology, with high valued-added products, producing vehicle fasteners for major vehicle manufacturers around the world. At present, our annual production and shipments for nuts are close to

50,000 tons (4.8 billions nuts) with 95% for export. 1/6 of total export in Taiwan. In addition to nuts, the fields of our products include washers, screws (bolts), wire processing, machineries and dies.

In the future, we will continue to devote our full efforts under the concepts of continuous innovation and constant improvement to providing customers with competitive products and relevant service of engineering technology, so we and our customers can grow stronger together. In other words, our goal is to make SAN SHING FASTECH CORP "Your best fastener business partner in the world".