Environment-Safety-Health System

San Shing believes in the responsibilities of being a good corporate citizen. To fully take the responsibilities of a corporate citizen, San Shing over the years has devoted itself to the promotion of environment protection, energy economization, carbon reduction, and zero workshop accident. It has continuously made efforts to reduce waste, control pollution, perform recycling, and improve work environment to reduce pollution, consumed energy level, and workshop accidents. San Shing is the first fastener manufacturer in Taiwan, which has been awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate. The achievements prove that San Shing has reached the international standards in environment protection and workshop safety.

Environment-Safety-Health Policies

1.Carry out government regulations : Following environmental protection and occupational safety regulations from government and international organization as well as customers requirements.
2.Continuous improvement : Continuously apply feasible improvements on energy conservation, pollution prevention and accident reduction.
3.Pollution prevention : Through minimizing usage of pollution media, enhancing function of recycling to well controlled pollution prevention.
4.Reduction of Environment-Safety-Healthy risks : Executing decisive strategy to bringing down risks of environment impact and operator's health hurt.
5.Thorough participation : Encouraging all employees to participate in Environment-Safety-Healthy improvement.
6.Continuous improvement to improve performance Continue to promote environmental impact reduction Improvement measures for friendly environment and elimination of safety and health risks,Improve the performance of the environmental safety management system。
7.Full participation Enable employees to actively participate in the development, planning, implementation and continuous improvement of the environmental safety and health management system, It is everyone's responsibility to maintain the environment and work safety and health.

Target for Making Efforts

1.Recycling and reducing waste material : Meeting the global trend and play the important role of environment protection.
2.Reducing energy consumption : Enhancing eternal progress of the resources-limited earth.
3.Absolute occupation safety : Meeting the consensus target of company and employees.

Energy Policy

1.Observe laws and regulations: Follow governmental energy use related regulations and commit to fulfill requirements from interested parties on energy use, consumption and efficiency.
2.Continuous improvement: seeking continuous improvement on energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Purchase or acquire products and services from suppliers who provide better energy performance product or services.
3.Through Participation: Raise awareness on energy saving among all personnel to carry out energy management.

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