Investor Relations Goals & Policies

Investor Relations' aim is to service the capital markets with open, reliable and correct information about San Shing's activities and financial developments. Investor Relations is the main contact for shareholders, institutional investors, analysts and other persons, interested in following San Shing shares.

Corporate Organization

Internal Audit Organization and Operation

1, Internal Audit Organization
  1. The Auditing Office is directly accountable to the Board.
  2. The Auditing Office is staffed with suitable and professional internal auditors and performs its functions independently.
  3. The Director of Internal Auditing shall be appointed and dismissed by the resolution of the Board.

2,The Operation of the Auditing Office
  1. The purpose:
  2. The Auditing Office shall be responsible for assisting the Board and the managers to conduct inspection and review over the viability of the internal control system and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of operation. The Auditing Office shall provide timely recommendations to the Board for ensuring the sustained effectiveness of the internal control system, which in turn shall serve as the criteria for reviewing the internal control system.

  3. The content :
  4. (1) Internal audit shall encompass the tasks of inspecting and assessing the suitability and effectiveness of the internal control system, as well as the performance of operation, the functional departments of the company and all branches.
    (2) The internal audit office shall conduct internal audits on a regular basis or as needed, and shall cover the audit of the internal control system. The audit findings and worksheets shall serve as a reference for preparing audit reports.
      (A) Regular audit :Regular audits shall be conducted in accordance with the annual audit plan and applicable legal rules. The manpower of the internal audit function shall also be taken into account. The particulars of internal audit shall be stated in the "Implementation Procedure for Internal Audit" based on which the internal audit staff shall enforce the audit.
      (B) Special audit :Special audit may be ordered by the head of the company or authorized personnel.

  5. The scope of internal audit shall encompass all activities of the company, including all transaction cycles and non-transaction cycles (management items) and computer information system of internal control.