Welfare System

Human resources are the most important assets to the corporation and in view of this, SAN SHING FASTECH CORP. has strived to create an excellent work environment and provide a thorough welfare system and recreational facilities. In addition, we have established a union and welfare committee to defend various rights and the welfare of employees. Moreover, a variety of events and competitions are held, for free participation by employees so that they can receive balanced development in life and recreation during leisure hours.

Welfare Introduction

Bonus / Gifts
  1. Year-end bonus
  2. Festival bonus
  3. Cash/Gifts for Labor Day and Moon Festival
  4. Cash/Gifts for birthday
  1. Labor insurance
  2. Health insurance
  1. Domestic tour
  2. Overseas tour
  3. Social activity
  1. Employee's uniform / safety boots
  2. Meal allowance
  3. Educational training
  1. Staff restaurant
  2. KTV room
  3. Snooker/Table tennis/Hand ball/Soccer facilities
  1. Health check-up
  2. Contractual stores
  1. Wedding cash gift
  2. Birth allowance
  3. Cash gift for new house
  4. Society allowance
  5. Bursary for children's education
  6. Consolation money for hospitalization
  7. Pension distribution

Social activity Photo

Knur Club
Table Tennis Club
Chinese Chess Club
Mountaineering Club
Charity Club
Yogo Club
Billiards Club
Photography Club


Barbecue Party
Overseas Trip
Domestic Tour
40 Years Celebration Fair
50 Years Celebration Fair
Year-end Party
Year-end Party 2

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